10 Years of Kubernetes: A Celebration of Innovation

Published On Mon Jun 10 2024
10 Years of Kubernetes: A Celebration of Innovation

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Are you ready to accelerate your organization's digital transformation? Google Cloud offers enterprise-grade solutions that harness the power of Google's advanced technology. With tools designed to support sustainable development, Google Cloud empowers developers worldwide. Our customers, spanning over 200 countries and territories, trust Google Cloud as their partner in growth and problem-solving.

Follow the journey of a UPS package and discover how UPS and Google Cloud are reshaping the logistics landscape to be more intelligent, efficient, and speedy. Join the conversation with #GoogleCloudNext.

UPS and Google Cloud

Google Cloud Innovators members can expect a special message on no-cost learning credits in their Google Cloud Skills Boost DMs. Not yet a member? Join today and kickstart your learning journey. Learn more about this exclusive benefit of the Google Cloud Innovators program here.

Manufacturers, take note! Google Distributed Cloud empowers manufacturers to leverage top-tier AI, modern infrastructure, and security solutions directly from Google Cloud on their premises. Discover more about the future of manufacturing here.

Ever wondered about the diverse models within the Gemini family? Let Hamidou Dia guide you through the various models, their use cases, and what sets Gemini apart from other AI technologies.

Marketing teams can now create impactful reports using accessible, secure, and centralized data. With Supermetrics Storage, centralizing cross-channel data in #BigQuery is easier than ever, even without prior technical expertise. Learn more about this game-changing solution here.

Supermetrics Blog - Supermetrics

Partnering with Google Cloud, Backcountry harnesses the cloud's power to achieve peak performance. Discover how this leading outdoor equipment retailer is reaching new heights with Google Cloud here.

Enhance the efficiency of your decision-making processes with the OODA loop framework (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), boosted by AI capabilities. Find out how to supercharge your OODA loops here.

Google Distributed Cloud Edge Appliance use cases

Employee agents take center stage at #GoogleCloudNext, assisting workers with streamlining processes, managing tasks, answering queries, and editing critical communications.

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of #Kubernetes by exploring the vibrant ecosystem created over the past decade. Join the Kubernetes and cloud-native community for the KuberTENes Birthday Bash livestream to commemorate this milestone here.


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