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Published On Mon Apr 22 2024
10 Catchy Titles for Your Blog Post:

Mark Zuckerberg Flaunts 'Mark's Meat' Business Idea By Meta AI

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has demonstrated how the new version of Meta AI can generate animation. In a video shared on Facebook, Zuckerberg created a vision of ‘Mark’s Meat’ restaurant, which he said would be his retirement business after he’s done with Meta. This followed the launch of new Meta AI features, which Zuckerberg said can create animation and high-quality photos in real-time across all Meta platforms as the user types.

Zuckerberg's Vision for 'Mark's Meat'

“If I’m ever done with Meta, I am going to run Mark’s Meat. I used Meta AI to come up with the vision for Mark’s Meat restaurant,” said Zuckerberg. He shared the prompts he used to create the animated photos, including one prompt that read, "Imagine a ranch in Hawaii with cows drinking beer from troughs," showing the image in real-time.

Community Response and Feedback

The video sparked debate among social media users, with some commending the new feature. Fidji Simo mentioned, “The McDonald’s partnership,” while Michael Novati jokingly asked about working with Taylor Swift for the next video. Anwar Mahmud also expressed his appreciation for the new features.

Other users like Helen Parker, Mie Felipe, Santos Loveskee Leedonna, Aphiwe Ngindana, Mmesoma Josephine, Silverta Gedoria Maddox, and Goldie Ann Henry shared their thoughts and reactions on Zuckerberg's business idea and the capabilities of Meta AI.

Future Plans for Meta Platforms

Zuckerberg noted that new features are lined up for WhatsApp and other Meta platforms. In November 2023, WhatsApp introduced new messaging features, including a function to retrieve older messages by the date they were sent.

As Meta continues to innovate and develop its AI capabilities, the possibilities for creating unique and engaging content seem endless.

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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