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Sometimes you just don't have the words

But Fusion does. Write emails, docs, reports, essays, docs, more emails with ease. Just type : Fusion: Write an email to my Boss, requesting a raise?
Fusion will automatically trigger and get to work and cook up something neat.

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Or should I say Fusion Remembers. Fusion remembers you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Fusion Chat is an AI Assistant, powered by ChatGPT4 that lives in you browser. You can access it via
  • Search: Fusion will integrate itself in your favourite Search Engine, like Google, Bing or Yahoo. So you can always chat with it when you have a question.
  • Popup: Fusion will popup when you right click on selected text, and let you search for it
  • Composer: Fusion will compose documents, when you call it by simply writing Fusion: Write an email to my Boss, requesting a raise?
  • Image Generator: You can easily generate images with Fusion, by simply writing a prompt describing the image that you wish to generate. For example, you can write Fusion: Generate a picture of a cat and Fusion will generate a picture of a cat for you.

Just click the get started button below

When you create an account or buy a subscription you will receive credits, which you can use to pay for Fusion's services. One credit translates to roughly one Search Engine search or 100 words generated by the document composer. See more here

Once you sign up, you will get a link to the the extension, and have a guide on how to use it

Sadly with any AI they are prone to make mistakes and can generate plausible but incorrect answers. We are working on improving the accuracy of Fusion to get you the best answers.

We take your privacy very seriously. We do not use your data for any other purpose than to provide you with the best AI assistant.We do not sell your data.

Neither us or our partners use your data for training AI models or any other purpose.

We use feedback that is explicitly submitted through the feedback button to serve you better.
Here are more details on our Privacy Policy

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