10 Ways Microsoft's Copilot Will Transform Your Workday

Published On Tue May 28 2024
10 Ways Microsoft's Copilot Will Transform Your Workday

Microsoft announces the evolution of Copilot - FutureCIO

Microsoft has introduced Team Copilot, an expansion of the personal assistant Copilot for Microsoft 365 that now acts as a valuable teammate in an organization. Using modern AI and large language models (LLMs) like Open AI’s GPT-4, copilots across Microsoft products have assisted people with complex tasks, serving as a personal, behind-the-scenes AI assistant.

Users can invoke Copilot from various collaboration tools such as Teams, Loop, Planner, and more. It facilitates meetings, manages the agenda, tracks time, and takes notes. It can also act as a collaborator in chats by surfacing important information, tracking action items, and addressing unresolved issues. Moreover, it can serve as a project manager to ensure every project runs smoothly and notify the team when their input is needed.

Microsoft Copilot Announcement

New Agent Capabilities

Microsoft also announced new agent capabilities of Microsoft Copilot Studio to empower developers to build copilots that can respond to data and events tailored to specific tasks and functions. Copilots built with this new category of capabilities can now independently manage complex, long-running business processes by leveraging memory and knowledge for context, reason over actions and inputs, learn based on user feedback, and ask for help when encountering unfamiliar situations.

Microsoft Copilot Studio Plugin Architecture

Users can now put Copilot to work for them – from IT device procurement to customer concierge for sales and service.

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