Talk to the Other Side with ChatGPT Automated Ouija Board

Published On Fri May 12 2023
Talk to the Other Side with ChatGPT Automated Ouija Board

ChatGPT Ouija Board: A Unique Take on Communicating with Spirits

If you're fascinated by the concept of Ouija boards but have reservations about their authenticity, the Automated Ouija Board by Jack Hollingsworth might pique your interest. Unlike traditional Ouija boards, it doesn't require any physical interaction to spell out messages from spirits. Instead, it utilizes ChatGPT along with a two-axis CNC machine to generate text responses to queries.

The Technology Behind the Automated Ouija Board

The CNC machine, based on the Sisyphus Magic Sand coffee table mechanism, resides beneath the board's surface and can move in the X and Y directions. A Neodynium magnet is also attached to the machine, which pulls a magnetic marker on the top side of the board where letters and numbers have been laser-engraved. As a result, the magnet moves the marker in response to text inputs to generate messages from various spirits.

The automated Ouija board is powered by an Arduino Uno and a CNC shield that controls the CNC's X/Y gantry. The system is operated via a Python script on a computer that handles text input and interaction with ChatGPT. While voice input is an option, it's not currently demonstrated due to some bugs.

The Role of ChatGPT in the Project

Jacks initially began working on this project in October 2022 but found the initial responses less than satisfactory without ChatGPT. Fortunately, with this AI system available and enabled, he reports that "it can output concise and oftentimes hilariously cynical responses to most questions."

The ChatGPT Ouija board project is a perfect example of how combining old technology with modern advancements can produce something interesting and unique. The project also highlights the endless possibilities of AI and CNC machines in modern-day applications.

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