Taking language models to the next level with MPT-7B

Published On Mon May 08 2023
Taking language models to the next level with MPT-7B

If you're looking for a new standard in open-source and commercially available language models, MosaicML has got you covered with their latest offering: MPT-7B. This language model can handle up to 65,000 context lengths, which is way beyond what most open-source language models can handle.

MPT-7B is built on the MosaicML platform, which makes it easy to customize. It has the same quality as Meta's large-scale language model and comes with four variations, each with its own set of capabilities.

What are the Four Variations of MPT-7B?

  • MPT-7B-Basic
  • MPT-7B-StoryWriter
  • MPT-7B-Dialog
  • MPT-7B-QA

One of the most notable features of MPT-7B is its ability to produce accurate output when given a prompt. This sets it apart from some other models that produce irrelevant output. For instance, when given a prompt like "3 days Thailand travel blog," MPT-7B produced an output of about 900 characters, while a similar question on ChatGPT generated an output of about 1900 characters.

If you are a developer, MPT-7B can help you build better models and enhance the capabilities of your existing ones. You can easily tweak it to handle up to 65,000 tokens using the MosaicML platform and a single 8xA100-40GB node.

In conclusion, MPT-7B is a commercially available and open-source language model that has set a new standard in the industry. Its accuracy and relevance are notable, and its ability to handle longer sequences makes it a great option for developers seeking to build better language models.