Sidekick for Google Workspace | Google IO '23

Published On Wed May 10 2023
Sidekick for Google Workspace | Google IO '23

What is Sidekick

The newest feature of Sidekick for Google Workspaces as announced on May 10 2023 during the Google I/O'23 event,is an AI-driven contextual collaborater. With Sidekick, users can take advantage of Duet AI to better enhance their content as well as increase productivity through prompts provided.

Sidekick use cases

Google sidekick use case on Google docs

For example, when writing a job description in Google Docs,let's say we want to hire a textile designer, the job description can be generated automatically with the help of sidekick. The AI collaborator tool will generate a job description based on the given context in the Google Docs and the generated Job Description can be later customized to suit your needs.

Sidekick also improves organization in Google Sheets, such as when running a dog walking business and needing to keep track of things like clients, logistics, and time needed to walk them. With Sidekick, users can insert notes while citing the source once prompted.

Finally, in Google Slides, Sidekick can provide speaker notes for each slide based on the context.

Benefits of the revolutionary Sidekick

Sidekick not only offers convenience and improved productivity to users, but also the added benefit of AI-driven collaboration capabilities. Through Duet AI, users can collaborate with an AI-driven assistant that can help to curate content and provide insights. Sidekick offers a new level of efficiency that is sure to benefit users of Google Workspaces.


Overall, Sidekick Google's newest AI collaborator tool for the Google workspace is an excellent tool for businesses that need to collaborate and communicate more efficiently. It can help teams increase productivity and collaboration, save time, and reduce costs. Sidekick Google is user-friendly, secure, and provides a variety of features to enhance team collaboration. With the help of this AI-powered tool, businesses will be able to work together more effectively and efficiently. With its many features and benefits, Sidekick Google is an invaluable tool for any business and individual.

Sidekick will premiere later this year.