Empowering Faculty and Staff with AI at UNO

Published On Tue May 28 2024
Empowering Faculty and Staff with AI at UNO

New Opportunities for Faculty, Staff to Leverage Artificial Intelligence at UNO

The College of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) is excited to announce the upcoming launch of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Learning Lab during the Fall 2024 semester. This initiative will provide numerous opportunities for the campus community to harness the power of artificial intelligence in a collaborative manner, with ample support available to assist faculty and staff in their endeavors.

Main Components of UNO’s AI Learning Lab

The AI Learning Lab at UNO will consist of four main elements:

  1. Open AI Challenge: The lab will organize an Open AI Challenge, inviting proposals from up to 1000 UNO faculty/staff/departments to gain access to Open AI for specific use-cases. These use cases could range from enhancing teaching and learning to improving operational efficiency and conducting research. The Request for Proposals (RFP) is scheduled to open mid-June, with submissions due by late August for access to Open AI in the Fall semester. For the most current information on the Open AI Challenge, visit innovate.unomaha.edu.
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  3. Supporting the UNO Community: The lab will assist the UNO community in gaining knowledge about AI through faculty development workshops, course/capstone development grants, updated resource materials, and the creation of microcredentials. These initiatives build upon the success of the eight AI-focused workshops conducted by the UNO Digital Learning team in 2023-24. The grants aim to financially support faculty members seeking to integrate AI-related content into their courses to better prepare students for AI utilization in their future professions.
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  5. UNO AI Learning Lab Summit: In Spring 2025, the lab will organize the inaugural UNO AI Learning Lab Summit, bringing together campus leaders, faculty, staff, students, and community members. The Summit will feature speakers selected through the RFP Challenge, as well as external experts providing keynote and plenary sessions to facilitate mutual learning and collaboration.
  6. UNO Campus AI Consortium: The lab will establish a UNO Campus AI Consortium comprising key stakeholders from various university departments to offer guidance and insights on all AI-related matters. This dedicated committee will help the campus navigate the rapidly evolving AI landscape and make informed recommendations to ensure long-term success. Faculty and staff interested in participating in this consortium can reach out to Myah Lanoux-Nguyen at [email protected].

Leadership Team

Leading the day-to-day operations of the lab will be Associate Vice Chancellor Jaci Lindburg ([email protected]) and Academic Designer Cassie Mallette ([email protected]).

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