Crack the Code: Blackjack AI with Reinforcement Learning

Published On Mon Jun 10 2024
Crack the Code: Blackjack AI with Reinforcement Learning

Win Blackjack with Reinforcement Learning | Cognitive Class

Las Vegas casinos generate over $13 billion per year. Have you ever thought about creating your own AI to beat the house? Reinforcement Learning is the perfect tool for this challenge.

Solving Blackjack with Q-Learning - Gymnasium Documentation

In this project, you will explore the basics of Reinforcement Learning and the Monte Carlo Method. You will learn how to train your own agent to play the optimum game of Blackjack. Discover better ways to train your agent and analyze its performance. Can you beat the house?

Estimated Effort: 1 Hour

Level: Intermediate

Blackjack | LearningX

Skills You Will Learn: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Python

Language: English

Course Code: GPXX0EP1EN

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