Advancing AI Development: IBM and AI Singapore's SEA-LION Initiative

Published On Mon Jun 10 2024
Advancing AI Development: IBM and AI Singapore's SEA-LION Initiative

IBM and AI Singapore ink collaboration for the 1st LLM developed in Southeast Asia

AI Singapore (AISG) and IBM signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to test the SEA-LION (Southeast Asian Languages In One Network) (LLM), a groundbreaking family of large language models (LLMs) that is specifically pre-trained for the Southeast Asian (SEA) region.

The collaboration aims to revolutionise the AI landscape in Southeast Asia by incorporating the SEA-LION model into IBM's Digital Self-Serve Co-Create Experience (DSCE). This integration will empower data scientists, developers, and engineers to unlock the vast potential of localised generative AI.

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Collaboration Details

IBM and AISG will collaborate to test SEA-LION with IBM's AI technology, data, and AI platform, watsonx. Dr. Leslie Teo, senior director of AI Products at AI Singapore, expressed his excitement about working with IBM to continue advancing a custom-made foundation model for Southeast Asia by Southeast Asians. He added that the collaboration proves that public and private partnerships are significant in anchoring deep AI capabilities for the region.

Impact on AI Development in Southeast Asia

"AI Singapore's SEA-LION LLM is a big step forward in creating an open AI system and addressing the ASEAN language challenges that companies and governments face when working with AI," said Catherine Lian, the general manager and technology leader at IBM ASEAN.

By leveraging the capabilities of SEA-LION and integrating it with IBM's AI technologies, the collaboration between IBM and AI Singapore is expected to set a new benchmark for AI development in the SEA region.